Georgian - Norwegian diplomatic relations go back 100 years ago when Georgia proclaimed the First Democratic Republic (1918-1921).  

As the part of the process of strengthening bilateral and strategic relationships between Norway and Georgia, Georgian Norwegian Chamber of Commerce (GNCC) was formally found as a Norwegian association in January 2019.


In order to facilitate development of economic, trade and business relations between these countries,  GNCC aims to represent the views of the companies or corporations with an interest in promoting business between Georgia and Norway.

Board of Directors & Staff



Managing Partner
Silkveien Invest Gruppen

David Dundua


Chief Executive Officer
Norsk Mineral AS

Kyrre Olaf Johansen

General Manager

Consultant within the food industry

Shalva Dadunashvili


Ambassador of Georgia to the Kingdom of Norway

Maia Kipshidze


Managing Director

Green Seafood Group AS

Steinar Gravås